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Insane but True! Follow These Steps And You Will Get Paid From Your Instagram Followers

So What if I told you that your followers are going to pay for every post or video you post in addition to their likes and comments!

No dear your followers are not going to pay but brands are willing to pay for your per post! They are just thirsty for your likes and comments.

Here is your ultimate guide to get some cash out of your Instagram account!

1. How many followers do you have?

It’s never about your number of followers but the interactions that you are getting.

Here is the deal, if you have more than 20K followers and if you are getting hundreds of likes per post then this article is definitely for you.

2. Why are you out there?

So before I tell you all about the money, let’s talk about your account.

Why are you on Instagram, do you have a theme, do you have a profession that you are presenting?

You need to identify your theme, to direct your content in way that will add value to your audience, whether you are a comedian, makeup artist, fashionista or even a scientist!

You need to keep in mind your passion, the value to your audience and the current trends.

3. Ready, Steady… Photoshoot!

Now we are ready to create content, I know you are only looking for the money part, gosh me too, but have some patience ;)

How do you prepare for your posts? Are you using a professional camera or your high resolution phone camera. If you want some cash you need to have a decent, well taken image.

4. Caption is King

Before you post anything take an extra 10 minutes to think about the caption....

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