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Great news ! Get an Influencer Permit or get licensed under NMC Media License
We offer you 2 options to get licensed:
Option 1: Independant Influencer Permit - ( COST: AED 3,550 )    
You can now apply for an “Influencer Permit” which is a social media influencer activity under freelancer permit. The permit will allow you to remain fully independent with your own license issued by National Media Council (NMC) permit, allowing you to continue your commercial activities without violating the UAE law and getting fines.
  • Social Media Influencer Permit is for influencers or bloggers residing in the UAE.
  • Social Media Influencer Permit is not a trade licence, but a permit that entitles influencers and bloggers to advertise in their social media accounts in exchange for money without violating the UAE’s law.
  • No Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, or Partner List shall be issued under Social Media Influencer Permit.
  • Social Media Influencer Permit does not entitle for any visa eligibility.
  • No Immigration File shall be opened for Social Media Influencer Permit
  • Social Media Influencers shall conduct business in their own personal name and shall not be entitled to open a corporate bank account.
  • NMC filters all applicants before the permit is issued.
Documents Required:
  • NMC form duly filled and signed by the Influencer
  • Personal Profile/Experience / Educational Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy (If they have UAE Residence)
  • Emirates ID (If they have UAE Residence)
  • Two ( 2 ) Photos (To be affixed on the application)
Cost inclusive of :
  • Pre-approval (immigration security check)  AED 250 (non refundable)
  • NMC approval is also included which is AED 300
  • Renewal price will be  AED 3,300 each year.
nmc media license[1].png
Option 2: Get covered under our Agency License - ( COST: FREE )  
You can choose to be covered by the platform/ agency license which covers all the influencers registered with them under their license.  
Influencers can only be signed up with one agency and all (paid) deals will need to go through the company.

If you are registered on, you don't need a Media License or a Trade License! All our influencers will be covered under the license of our platform free of charge.
This means your social accounts will be registered exclusively under our license and all your campaigns should go through license holder.
To get licensed & Verified you need get in touch with us on:
Documents Required:
  • NMC form duly filled and signed by the Client
  • Personal Profile/Experience
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy (If UAE Resident)
  • Emirates ID - front & back (If UAE Resident)
  • Two ( 2 ) Photos (To be affixed on the application)
TOTAL COST : FREE  ( if profile approved)
Next steps:
  1. Our team will reach out to you with updates and terms you need to be aware of.
  2. Once licensed, your profile will have the verified ✓ badge on and brands will be more likely to collaborate with you on future campaigns
  3. We highly recommend you add on your social profiles & bio that you are media licensed
  4. Inform team about your briefs & paid campaigns to ensure the we keep a record of it and so we can invoice your client and collect your payment.
  5. Sign a contract with As per the NMC law all influencers need to have a signed contract with the Licensee holder.
If you are an influencer and not signed up yet to our platform, create your profile now:
  • How do I get a Media License?
    Just get in touch and our team will walk you throught both of the options to get licensed, we will guide you with the required paperwork by the National Media Council.
  • Why Registering with is highly recommended?
    Your profile will get higher exposure and credibility hence scaling your monetization Our team will manage your billings for you from invoicing to collecting payments from your clients We will take care of all VAT related requirements You are still your own boss! You have full control over your relationships with brands through direct contact.
  • Is there a Vetting process?
    Yes! For Option 1: Influencer permit - your application is subject to approval by immigration office and National Media Council. For Options 2: Agency License - our team will vet all applicants and social accounts who want to be covered under media license. We will look at the type of content and to make sure Influencers are expected to abide by the terms of the Media Laws.
  • What are the Media Law terms & conditions?
    The content shall respect Divine Entity and Islamic doctrines, revealed religions and other confessions. They shall not be abused. Prophets and messengers shall not be personified. The state regime, its symbols, institutions and high interests shall be respected. The cultural heritage and national identity of the country shall be observed. Nothing that negatively affronts the national unity and social coherence shall be circulated including the arousal of tribal, partisan and sectarian divisions. The content shall not incite violence, hatred and terrorist acts and spreading sedition in society. Content shall respect the internal and external policies of the state. No abuse shall be posted or circulated as regards the economic, judicial and security systems of the country. Rumors and misleading and fake news shall not be circulated. Children, women and any other category in society shall not be abused. Principles of privacy and all that is related to personal life of individuals shall be respected. Legislations, rights of institutions and individuals including intellectual property rights shall be observed. All materials inciting people to commit crimes of homicide, rape, drugs and other mental affecting substances, alcohols, gambling, smoking, and magic, sorcery and fortune-telling contents shall not be posted or circulated. Expressions, images, pictures or ideas violating rules of public morals or implying abuse to the youth, or calling to embrace or promote destructive concepts or misleading the public shall not be allowed to be posted or published. Fake news, forged documents or documents falsely attributed to entities or individuals shall not be broadcast, transmitted or posted. Any news or posts inflicting damage to the national currency or the economic situation in the country shall not be published or transmitted or circulated. Advertisements circulated or published or broadcast without the approval of the competent authority shall not be allowed as per the applicable legislations. Legislations related to the subject-matter hereof shall not be violated. The terms and standards thereof shall be observed.
  • Does this mean I am exclusive with
    For Option 1: the Influencer Permit - you are nnot exclusive to any network or agency. For Options 2: Yes, this means your social accounts will be registered exclusively under the license of THEINFLUENCER and all your campaigns should go through us to be able to process all your payments
  • What if brands approach me directly?
    You have total freedom, we understand that you might have existing relationships with brands or get approached directly for collaborations. Hence, we want to support you to facilitate that while giving you the freedom to maintain a direct relationship with your clients. We will take care of the Admin work to support you and to comply with the Media license laws and guidelines. Hence you will need to inform us of all campaigns and collaborations, as you will be exclusively covered under our Media License.
  • Payments processing & workflow for campaign from outside the platform
    If you have a campaign from outside the platform, once you inform us of the details (Client name, Brief, Price). Our team will invoice the Client and collect the payment for you. Once the payment is collected we will settle your mount Via Wire transfer.
  • Do you have your own license or registered with another agency?
    That’s no problem, if you have your own Media License just send us a copy and we will verify your profile. If you are registered exclusively with an agency, share with us the name of the agency so we can verify your profile and that you are covered under their license.
  • I am an influencer based outside UAE, do I still need to be media licensed for campaigns I accept in UAE?"
    Yes, you still need to be licensed and to go through the same process. We would require you sending us a scanned copy of your passport to:
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