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Join THEINFLUENCER databse of verified influencer profiles. Get noticed by Brand & Agencies.

Connect your social networks, build a profile with auto generated Mediakit & Rate Card

Secure Campaign Assingments

Build you profile and receive campaign assignments. The platform allows you to scale the number of assignments you can manage.

Create content

Focus on what you do best! Create content and engage your followers.

Create drafts, send content for approval and publish you posts all with one click!

Analytics & Reporting

Auto Reporting for your clients.

Just connect your social networks and leave the rest to us! 

Get Paid

Automated Billing & Payment Status tracking.

Your clients are billed upon Assignment acceptance and completion. Payments are processed once your Assignment is completed and your posts are published and verified.

Check your Payment status 

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for the Middle East



1.5+ Billion

Total Reach

Join the network. Secure Campaigns. Monetize.

Calling on Influencers in the Middle East & North Africa

 Join the most comprehensive network and most advanced Influencer Marketing Platform in the MENA region 

Local Influencers with a Global foot print 


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